GSequencer also known as "Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer" is libre software.

Edit and capture notation using piano roll, edit input values of ports using automation editor or edit and record audio data using wave form editor. Perform live export of your project and adjust controls while you are exporting.

Vary musical tempo using tempo editor.

The audio layer runs at a 16th pulse, maximal resolution is upto a 256th of tone and supports OSC messages which can be received using network sockets.

Included are some freely available samples and Soundfont2 files.

The software provides different built-in machines like a output panel, mixer, audio recorder, 2 different step sequencers and some software synthesizers and instruments.

GSequencer drum

Connect your MIDI hardware instrument and capture your performed music, which is placed within piano roll. Import/export Standard MIDI files using wizard.

GSequencer piano roll

Record audio using your microphone and edit the result within wave form editor.

GSequencer wave form editor

Automate the adjustment of controls within automation editor.

GSequencer automation editor