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Howto configure GSequencer.

  1. Launch GSequencer.
  2. Open preferences.
  3. Adjust soundcard config values in audio tab of preferences.
  4. Close preferences, click OK.

Maybe reset your Panel and all machines connected to it, to apply new configuration (replaces per machine presets).

  1. Reset your Panel (output machine) by context menu audio connection.
  2. Check enabled in audio connection line editor.
  3. Close audio connection, click OK.

If you want to make your changes permanent.

  1. Save your file.

Frequently asked questions and some common solutions.

Silent or no audio output.
Check the samplerate of your hardware and the configured samplerate of GSequencer. The samplerate within your config has to match the samplerate of your hardware.
Software crashes.
Go to support page, share information howto reproduce and include stack-trace.
Location to save project files.
On macOS the application runs in a sandboxed environment and the files could be stored in ~/Music/GSequencer/workspace. It is recommended to create a directory for each project.
Time runs too slow.
This mostly indicates a performance problems. Either adjust your preferences to be less power hungry or decide to choose more performant hardware.
Audio stopped working.
Check your configuration, see howto configure samplerate, buffer size, format and cache.