About gsequencer.com

gsequencer.com is driven by Joël Krähemann.

Software forges

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer was first hosted on sourceforge.net as project 'ags'. Later on github as gsequencer organization and nowadays it is located on savannah. Here is the official RSS news feed, release notes are usually published there.


The project was launched in summer 2005 and is actively developed until today. The software has seen some refactorings since then. The nested recycling tree is special about it and has lasted since ever.


The audio engine is powered by a tic-based parallelism synchronization mechanism. It can be configured to run at a certain clock speed, units are given in Hertz (synchronization repetitions per second). Further it uses worker threads to achieve non-blocking behaviour.


The GSequencer project is hosted on nongnu savannah. The commercial website was launched on .

by Joël